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Time: 2017-11-16 11:43:38

Author: Foshan Yalida Decoration Material Co.


Vanke City is located at the foot of Xiqiao Mountain, where the North River, Shunde Waterway and the Gili River converge

        Vanke City is located at the foot of Xiqiao Mountain, where the North River, Shunde Waterway and the Gili River converge, and Foshan’s "5+2" Changui Center cluster. It is close to the "First Ring Road" and other major traffic roads, and within 20 minutes you can reach Foshan’s major towns. Because of its unrepeatable scarce mountain water resources and unique residential value, it has quickly become a hot spot in the development of Foshan’s new city. Residential sector. With a scale of 800,000 square meters, Vanke City uses the advanced planning ideas of the international riverside community and advanced living concepts to integrate the riverside plaza, love port, blue club, infinity swimming pool, supermarket, standard kindergarten, and western Restaurants, commercial streets, etc. are all incorporated into the big city living area, leading the direction of New Foshan's human settlements.

        Independent villa: Vanke City? Kangqiao British single-family courtyard is based on the British design style that has always been regarded as the supreme private villa. It adopts the British royal TUDOR style. The building is majestic and majestic, magnificent and elegant, inheriting the noble temperament. Taking the natural river bank mountain water resources as the background, transplanting the pure British manor villa style, the original landscape and the British feelings are perfectly integrated, and the life experience of the British top villa is calmly interpreted. It has the design concept of a large private garden, and feels the style of the villa from the British manor. The material construction of world brands is selected, and the appearance is very neoclassical.

        Townhouse: This product draws on the essence of Spanish architecture, combines rare natural mountain water resources, and integrates architecture and nature with a friendly and pleasant scale to form a living realm where man and nature are united. There are many highlights in the detail design. In the internal space design, each household has the same number of balconies or terraces as the rooms, which fully meets the requirements of lighting, sunshine, effective ventilation and partitions in the main rooms to achieve uniformity; The menu-style decoration design can create a variety of house types and provide residents with ample room for choice.

        High-rise bungalows: This product not only has the widest view of the three rivers, overlooks the scenery of Xiqiao Mountain, the river view is unbounded, but also has close to 30,000 square meters of garden landscapes, riverside wetlands, sky gardens and other community views, multiple three-dimensional landscape views, and beautiful experience Everywhere, as the so-called "big beauty is silent".

        As a high-end decoration material, Atari aluminum-plastic panels are very suitable for the interior and exterior decoration of high-end residences such as Vanke City. Wood grain and stone grain aluminum-plastic panels are especially recommended, which can replace heavy stone and reduce wood waste, and installation Convenient, environmentally friendly and healthy!

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