What is the difference between aluminum sheet and aluminum veneer?

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The main difference between Atari aluminum-plastic sheet and aluminum veneer lies in their different properties, characteristics and application fields. Details are as follows: 1, different properties

The difference between aluminum plastic sheet and aluminum veneer


The main difference between Atari aluminum-plastic sheet and aluminum veneer lies in their different properties, characteristics and application fields. Details are as follows:

Different properties

1. Atari aluminum

The aluminum-plastic composite plate is composed of multi-layer materials. The upper and lower layers are made of high-purity aluminum alloy, the middle of which is made of non-toxic Low-density polyethylene (PE) core, and a protective film is pasted on the front of the core. For outdoor, Atari can use fluorocarbon resin (PVDF) coating on the front, for indoor, the front can use non-fluorocarbon resin coating.

Aluminum veneer

Aluminum veneer refers to the chromium treatment and fluorocarbon spraying technology formed by architectural decoration materials. Fluorocarbon coatings mainly refer to polyvinylidene fluoride resins (Kanar500) , which are divided into primer, top coat and varnish.





1. Atari aluminum

Atari aluminum-plastic board consists of two materials (metal and non-metal) with different properties. It not only retains the main characteristics of the raw materials (aluminum and nonmetallic polyethylene plastics) , but also overcomes the shortcomings of the raw materials, has been luxurious, colorful decoration, weathering, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, fire, moisture and many other excellent material performance, sound insulation, heat insulation, earthquake resistance, light weight. Easy to process and shape, easy to carry and install, in the construction site according to the needs of cutting groove manufacturing bending profile.

2. Aluminum veneer

The utility model has the advantages of light weight, high strength, good rigidity, good durability, corrosion resistance, etc. . Uniform coating and various colors. Not easy to stain, easy to clean and maintain, easy to install and construction. Aluminum sheet in the factory molding, in the construction site can not be machined cutting need to be directly fixed on the framework  


 Different applications

1. Atari aluminum

       Widely used in a variety of architectural decoration, such as ceilings, columns, counters, furniture, telephone booths, elevators, shops, billboards, workshop wall materials.


Aluminum veneer

Aluminum veneer curtain wall is suitable for building exterior wall, Hall facade, column decoration, Elevated Corridor, footbridge, elevator edge, balcony packaging, billboard, indoor abnormal suspended ceiling, etc. , hospital conference hall, Opera House, Stadium reception hall and other high-rise buildings. Foshan Atari Decoration Materials Co. , Ltd. . 25 years focused on the production of aluminum and plastic plate, independent brand“Atari” and“IDEABOND” products sell well at home and abroad, 30000 + project case precipitation, the main products are: aluminum plate, aluminum composite board, fire-resistant aluminum plate, curtain wall aluminum plate, fluorocarbon aluminum plate, magic color aluminum plate, color coated aluminum roll, silicone sealant, aluminum plate manufacturers direct sales, can be customized to produce a variety of aluminum-plastic plate specifications and sizes. Consulting Aluminum Plate Price Hotline 0757-87663382

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