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Process flow


Each step contributes greatly to the excellent finished color coated aluminum coil, and the pursuit of perfection inspires us to give our best efforts to deal with each step as follows:



Roller coating is the most effective method for applying organic protective coating. It is a continuous, highly automated process that produces a more consistent product than the post-coating method. The aluminum substrate is degreased, chemically pretreated and coated. The typical coating line system requires products with formability, scratch resistance, beautiful appearance, good weather resistance, coating ability and so on.


Entrance section

The raw aluminum coil is sent to the production line and smoothed by a flat machine. This step ensures excellent flatness. The aluminum coil goes into the storage rack. There are two scrolls to ensure that one of them is always available. When the coil is about to finish processing, it must be stopped so that the tail can be sewn or welded to the head of another coil, maintaining the continuity of the production line. Then, the storage rack is emptied and the production line continues to run, driving the subsequent procedures.


Cleaning and pretreatment


The pretreatment of the aluminum coil is repeatedly cleaned by water spray. This method is more effective than the traditional method, and the Mizuno can be reused, reducing energy consumption.

The pretreatment stage is necessary to improve the corrosion resistance of the product and improve the adhesion of the coating. At this stage, the conversion film is chemically formed on the aluminum surface, and Atari uses the most efficient technology to improve product quality and reduce resource waste.


Coil coating

The coating process is mainly divided into two stages, respectively called bottom coating and surface coating. In the first stage, the aluminum roll passes through a roller applicator and one or both sides are primed. After drying, the aluminum roll passes through a second roller applicator, where one or both sides of the aluminum roll are coated with paint. There are basically two coating methods. Typical coating system requires products with formability, scratch resistance, beautiful appearance, good weather resistance, coating ability and so on. To achieve these different effect characteristics, paints include: acrylic resin primer, polyester, polyimide or fluorocarbon.



he strip passes through a curing furnace and the temperature is set at an adjusted temperature to ensure that volatiles are removed from the strip and the paint is fully cured. According to the needs of the coating system, the curing temperature is set between 200 and 300 degrees Celsius, which is the key technical point to ensure the quality of our products. In addition, to protect the environment and control costs, the solvent mist is evaporated at high temperatures to heat the curing furnace.


Follow-up processing

The coated coil can be further processed into other shapes: roll, strip or pressurized pattern.


Quality control


Protective film fitting

The protective film of the product is customized according to the requirements of the customer. The protective film of IDEABOND coated aluminum coil comes with the traditional additional information, such as paint and brand details. These membranes have no impact on the environment and are easy to recycle.

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